7 Wonders TAJMAHAL now in kolkata

7 Wonders TAJMAHAL now in kolkata

July 9, 2018 0 By starstylemag

7 Wonders TAJMAHAL

The most familiar and obvious presence is the Taj Mahal. It is about one-eighth of the original in Agra. The walls are made — not of marble — but of fiberglass. “Had marble been used entirely, it would have taken four to five years to finish construction as also have shot up the cost. But there is a bit of marble in the monument nonetheless if you look underfoot where marble slabs have been used. “Since there would be a lot of friction with visitors walking on the surface,

Seven Wonders in Kolkata Eco-park

Visit Newtown Ecopark, now 7 wonders Tajmahal in Kolkata.

Around the world in an hour, or even less. Visitors to Eco Park will be able to go one up on Phileas Fogg, Jules Verne’s protagonist who achieved the feat in 80 days. Sizeable replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World, under construction for the last year and a half, have finally opened to public viewing.

The entry is through Gate 4 of Eco Park, right at the corner where Eco Park ends if one is coming from the Salt Lakeside. Tickets cost Rs 30. The timings are the same as at Eco Park — 12 noon to 7.30pm. Mondays are closed.